CooperVision - Prescription Contact Lenses

Proclear® 1 Day

Upgrade your patients to a lens they wear one day and enjoy all day.

How It Works
The phosphorylcholine (PC) molecules in Proclear lenses attract and bind water to their surface, creating a shield that keeps the lenses clean and functioning properly. The PC molecules also help the lenses remain hydrated, which in turn helps them feel moist and comfortable all day long.
Material omafilcon A
Water Content 60%
Base Curve 8.7
Diameter 14.2
Lens Design Aspheric Front Surface
Manufacturing Process Cast molding
Sphere Powers +8.00 to -12.00 (0.50 steps above +5.00 and -6.00D)
Center Thickness 0.09 (@ -3.00D)
Dk/t 36.6
Wear Indications Daily wear
Replacement Cycle Daily disposable
Handling Tint Light blue
Pack Size Blisters in strips of 5 lenses, 30 & 90-lens revenue boxes
Trial Pack Size 5 lens trial pack