Refreshingly Different

Welcome to a new perspective on contact lenses. We are refreshing our look to best reflect CooperVision's unique offering to eye care professionals and lens wearers. You will notice we are introducing a colorful, refreshing new look. You will soon notice new packaging and programs as well. It is all designed to emphasize what we've stood for from the start:

a commitment to crafting world-class lenses by listening closely to the needs of eye care professionals and lens wearers. Because no two eyes, no two days, and no two patients are ever the same. Be sure to stop by again for updates and a refreshing perspective on eye care.

No two eyes are the same

Each of us is different. Our eyes are different, too. At CooperVision, we are forever focused on the changing needs of lens wearers and eye care professionals. That means putting as much imagination into challenging cases as we do simple prescriptions.

Everyone deserves clear, comfortable vision. And the unique perspective of CooperVision can help you get as close to perfection as possible, because we make the widest, most innovative range of lenses in the industry. Including one that is just right for you.

No two days are the same

Work time. Game time. Summer time. Every day brings different circumstances and different demands. That calls for lenses designed with a difference. We work hard to develop an incomparable array of lenses that will brighten every day.

So whether you are looking for multifocal, daily, or toric lenses, CooperVision has you covered with an extensive line of contact lens products. Brighten every day with CooperVision.

Refreshing by design

It's just as important how you treat people as it is how you treat their eyes. Practitioners understand that. They work hard every day to help us all experience a crisp, vibrant world. No small task. The professionals who work directly with patients deserve the same personal attention and friendly service that they offer their patients.

So we listen intently to those who fit patients and tackle tough cases. It is the only way to make sure they're equipped with products they trust and support they can depend on. It is their insights that truly open our eyes and shape our perspective.

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